Yoniheaven wants to serve women, that have the big hunger. The hunger to develop themselves, believe in themselves, believe in the power of their feminity, dare to dive deep and overcome their possibly shame-driven feelings or feelings of unworthiness. Dare to be sensitive and strong at the same time.


The Divine Feminine is calling. She is calling the inner feminine power that resides within you. She is calling for sisters from all over the planet to reclaim a nurturing and intimate relationship with her. We need to wake up, be courageous and connect with the inner feelings that reside in the powerful women we are. It is time to break through our shame. It is time to move beyond our self-judgment and heal.


Are you a woman, who wants to blossom?


are you a man, who wants his woman to blossom?

Then Yoniheaven  would love to get in touch with you, inspire you and meditate into depths, endlessly with you and all women of this planet.


Working women, mothers, girls, virgins, lesbienne women, women in search of their authenticity and autonomy. In search of enjoying themselves with or without a partner. This magic Yoni-cushion is for you! It will remind you of your highest duty towards yourself, your higher self, your devine feminity. You will experience the goddess within as soon as you sit on the warm meditation-cushion and claim your well deserved quality-time with yourself.


Yoniheaven is a meditation-cushion specially designed for women. It consists of a big mother-pillow and a 'baby'-pillow that can be heated up and placed in the 'mother'-pillow. You don't need to be naked to get the full fulfillment. You don't need a microwave to heat up the natural material. Yoniheaven is next to a webshop an organization that offers training, womencircles, women-retreats and wants to connect sisterhood-movements worldwide.